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Dance Parties

by Maya Thakrar and Melanie Wu

This project dissects how supper clubs in the past were predominantly a white space, where patrons would be entertained by the aesthetics and spectacle of other cultures. For example, the Copacabana aestheticized the Latinx culture in the 1940s and 50s, but nowadays the Copacabana has shifted into a cosmopolitan space that celebrates Latinx culture through remixes of the hottest reggaeton, salsa, and bachata hits. Following the words of Bad Bunny “vamos a perrear la vida es corta”.

To promote this idea of inclusivity we’ll be hosting two nights of Zoom dance parties. On Friday, April 17 at 10pm EST will be a Copacabana inspired-reggaeton perreo and on Saturday, April 18 at 10pm EST an afrobeat, Cafe Zanzibar-inspired dance party. Let’s dance the night away while practicing social distancing!